Feb 142016

Valentines Day is a very special day.  It is a day to offer people an extra opportunity to show their love for a spouse, a child or anybody else important in their life.  It doesn’t take much to see that our children need that love in their lives more today than ever before.  The most important place that love can come from is their parents.  God created all people with love in their hearts and brains.  If used properly, people can live a wonderful life and if they have children, they will pass that on to them.  Unfortunately, parents today are passing less than love to their children.  This is noted in the way our children are acting today.  If you have     a situation like this in your home, I would encourage you to order our book that talks about Parenting the Way God Intended.  It describes my life that started out bad as a child and kept getting worse as time went on.  When my wife introduced me to Jesus Christ, my life did a complete turnaround.  This is all in my book and I believe that if you are having troubles in your life, it can help you.  The only way to live a good life is with Jesus Christ in your life.  It is a economical way to find out.  It worked for me and my children in their lives also.

It is my prayer that you make the right decision for you and your family.   Celebrating a positive time, is better than trying to celebrate a bad situation. Please give my book a try and see if it will make your life a lot better.  I pray that God will bless you and your family and help you to enjoy life to the fullest.

Dec 242015

It doesn’t take much to see the problems on this earth.  Terrorism around the globe is growing at an alarming rate.  Racism is also growing at an alarming rate. Both of these items match one race against another. When God created the earth and the people on it, He didn’t put one race above another.  It is up to us to help our brothers and sisters in Christ the best we possibly can, not fight and kill each other.  Remember, God sees no colors in people.  He just wants to see people who will obey Him and stay away from Satan.

God wants each one of us to make our own decision as to who we will live our lives after.  Will we serve God or Satan.  I can tell you from personal experience that serving God is much more beneficial for you and your family or friends.  My book describes the difference in God and Satan because I once served Satan and now I am serving God.  Serving God has made my life truly worth living.  Matthew Chapter 6  vs 25-34 explains better than I can what serving God means in your life and your families, if you have one.  It truly means how are you serving God on a daily basis.  When I converted over to serving God, my life did a total reversal on how I did things and what was important to me. I truly felt that I had to write this book to let people know the pleasing God was the most important thing a person could do on this earth.

I would like to invite you to invest in my book if you are having problems and see how it can change your families life and also yours. The scripture above tells us that Jesus Christ will take care of all of our needs if we truly follow Him.  It is not enough to believe Him or accept Him, you must follow Him.  Believe me it is truly the best possible way to live on this earth.

May God bless you and your family as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.



Nov 122015

Our world has been fighting a losing battle for several years now.  It appears that it gets worse every year.  The United States are having more problems with young people because mom and dad are not doing their jobs of raising them properly.  The racial problem is growing.  Crime is growing.  It seems like everything is on a downhill slide.  The negativity is running wild in this country.  The newspapers and radio/tv news looks at what people are doing that is negative instead of looking at the good people who are doing positive things.  If they changed to talk about the positive things that are going on, there would be more people doing them.  You have heard about ‘the 15 minutes of fame’.  It is very true. Since the media give that away to negative people, what chance does the positive person have?  I am for looking at the good in people and things instead of the bad.  This will change the attitude of the country as well as the world for the good instead of what the negative is doing, which is bad.

I would like to challenge everybody to take a look at their life and determine  what they could do to accomplish the above.  If you truly change your attitude and life, I believe it will make all the difference in the world.  You will enjoy life and other people, especially your family so much more by being positive.  My book is a guide line of my life and how going positive instead of negative, it made all the difference in the last 50 years of my life.  Just remember one thing, It’s Your Decision.  May God bless you and your family and friends.

Nov 032015

It seems to be very easy to see that Negativity has taken over our country.  The news, papers, movies and television are putting on some pretty negative information.  You very seldom see or hear anything that is positive.  The internet has a lot of negative thoughts and information that seems to attractive people today.  Of course, each person has to make their own decisions as how to handle the information that is out in our world.  The most important  people in our children’s lives is their parents.  In other words, how the parents raise their children will decide whether positive or negative things will be done in their lives.  I and several other people that I know proved it in our personal lives.  We all agree that living a positive life is much more fun and enjoyable than living a negative life.

I was blessed to share my life story as well as a couple of friends of mine sharing theirs.  We all believe that a relationship with Jesus Christ is the only and best relationship a person can be involved in.  If you are having problems in your home, I would like to invite you to order my book ‘It’s your decision Parenting the Way God Intended.’  If you are truly ready to fix your family problems, God is the one way that truly works.  Remember,  it is your decision to make.  May God bless you.

Oct 182015

It doesn’t take much to see that our children are fighting a losing battle, in school, with friends and especially in their home.  The only place a child has a truly real opportunity to live a wonderful life is if it is taught in the home.  Today that is not being done as it should.  There is of course a way to fix that and that is for parents to connect with and live a life with God and pass that on to our children.  I started my life out with all kinds of problems because of my parents doing a bad job of raising me.  I was blessed to go on a blind date with Mary, who eventually became my wife.  She introduced me to Jesus Christ, and from that day on, life became more worth living.  It is difficult at first, but the ending result is wonderful.             My book is about my life and how with Jesus in my life truly gave me a reason for living.  Make no mistake, it takes work but in the long run, all people in the family will be much happier and will see what true love is.  If you are having problems in your family, please check my book out and see if it can help you.  May God bless you and your family.

Sep 282015

It doesn’t take much to see that our children are not being treated the way God wanted them to be treated.  Technology is taking over their minds.  Children are learning on computers in schools instead of their minds. The education in our country is on a downhill slide because of the computer.  Children cannot learn from a machine that all they have to do is type in what they want to see. Our teachers are beginning to have a tough time teaching the children because of the computer. Our educational level in the country is going down every year.  This shows that we are failing our children.  The computer cannot replace the God given brain and common sense.  Our children need to have their brain challenged and believe it or not, the computer cannot do it.  God gave each child born love in the brain and heart and also common sense on learning.  We are failing them.

The most important challenge that parents have is their children.  God has helped them by giving each child the ability to learn and even the desire to learn.  It is up to you as parents to bring the best out of your children so they can feel that they are a positive to our society.

My book is an autobiography of my life and how when I was growing up, I had parents who didn’t care about me at all.  It wasn’t until I accepted Jesus Christ into my life that things progressed to allow me to have a great life.  It is your decision as how and where you go from here.  May God bless you.

Aug 272015

It appears to me that over the last few years, our country is on a downslide.  Making it legal for people to get a license to purchase and own guns is a major problem today because of all the murders that are taking place since.  The technology such as the computer and the internet are causing more problems for people.  People are losing their identities  and also their finances because of hackers.  It is also causing schools and the children to depend on the computer in the classroom as well at home.  We are seeing more bad things happen on television because of news, movies and programs in general. It is of course up to parents to monitor their children on these things and give them the guidance that will be positive instead of negative.

I have found in the last several years there is only one answer to all the problems that our country is experiencing  and that is a relationship to God.  It has been the best thing that ever happened in my life and I am trying to share with as many people who are willing to listen.  My book is an autobiography of my life from early childhood to present.  I had a lot of problems with my parents because they did not want to care for me as they should have.  I got into trouble with smoking, drinking and committing crimes in my early years. It was only when my wife Mary introduced me to Jesus Christ that things changed.  They changed my life for the better and it also effected my family.  I pray that maybe if you are having problems in your family, that you purchase my book and playfully it will help you.   It is of course your decision.  May God bless you and your family.

Aug 182015

Do you have a friend or know a family that are having problems in the home?  It seems to be getting more common today.  If you do, I want to suggest that you get them a gift of my book and help them to get the help they need.  My book is an auto-biography of my life and how turning my life over to Jesus, made things got so much better.  I truly did things that I never thought I would be able to and I thank God for that.  I am now in my seventies and enjoying life to the fullest.  I owe it all to living my life for Jesus and believe me, I am not sorry.  If it wasn’t for Jesus, I would be in prison or dead today.  My prayer is that if you do this for a friend or someone you know, you will see changes in them if they truly want to change.  Remember, it’s your decision.  May God be with you and your family.

Aug 052015

It seems like the racial problems in this country are getting much bigger than they should be.  Every person born, despite their color is a child of God.  God loves each of His people and wants nothing but the best for them.  It is our society that is causing all the problems with race.  Some of my friends who are black, are some of the best people that I know.  In fact, I am blessed to know these people because they bring a lot of love into my life.  I believe loving all people is the best possible way to live.  All people have a heart that is provided by God and we must make the best choices as to how we will use it, whether for good or evil.  That is. of course, a decision that each person must make for themselves.

I have a suggestion and that is, when you encounter a person of color that you greet them with an appropriate message such as, good morning , how are you doing or tell them to have a great day.  You may be surprised as to how it will make them feel and how it will make you feel.  I suggest that you try and see how it will affect your day.

It seems like the problems we all face are getting worse everyday.  I believe that maybe if we try asking God to help us get thru the day and see what that will do for us as far as our outlook on life itself.  Remember everyone must make their own decisions   for their own life and what we will do with that life.  May God bless your day and your life.



Jul 262015

I would like to make a suggestion, and that is that we as individuals get back to living our lives for our family.  We shouldn’t worry about what the government or the leaders are doing about things, but instead be concerned about our own life and how we can live our life according to what God ordained.  There is so much hate and negativity going on in the world and there is only one cure and that is a true relationship to God.

So, how do we do that?  The best way I know is to get a bible, if you don’t have one now, and start reading it with Genesis.  After reading, sit down and pray about what you have read and see how it applies to your life.  I would also encourage you to do this with your family if you have one.  Remember, children will do as their parents do not necessarily what they say.  This would be a great and needed example for them.  My life, living with my parents truly was bad because they did everything they could do to discourage me.  They did a great job of it because in my early years I was a horrible child.

After I met my wife to be, my life turned around to be very well because she introduced me to Jesus Christ.  We had problems of course, but nothing like we had prior to our marriage.  We taught our children about Jesus and they too are leading a wonderful life with their family’s.  Bottom line, if you want to live a wonderful life, please depend on Jesus Christ.  My book describes from my horrible life to the wonderful life that I am living now, and I owe it all to Jesus Christ.  Remember, it’s your decision.  May God bless you and your family.