Nov 022016

When parents have a child, it should be the most blessed event of their lives together.  With a child, comes responsibilities for raising their child according to God’s will, if you wish.  It is each parents decision as to how they will raise their new child.  When a child is born, God has given them love in the brain and the heart.  He also has a set plan for their life in their heart and brain.  Knowing this, it gives parents a great responsibility to raise their child in the ways of God.  My parents didn’t raise me in the ways of God.  We went to church and that was all.  My life with my parents led me to do things that no child should have to go thru.

Later on, I decided to write an auto-biography on my life to perhaps help other parents.  I was blessed by God and I wanted to share with as many people as I could.  I went thru a lot of problems in my early childhood.  I started smoking at 10 and drinking at 11, all because of my father. When my father divorced my mom, I was 13 and committed my first burglary.  This gives you an example of my home life as a child. I was trying to tell them that I needed love not the problems they were giving me.

These were just a few samples of things that I went thru as a child.  I am sharing with you that the best way to live for all of us, is to live a life for God.  If you follow Him, you can’t go wrong or if you do, He is there to help you.  I would encourage you to purchase my book if you are having problems in your home and with your children.  I am 75 years old now and living a great life for God and my family and friends.

May God bless you and yours.  Ed Grizzle