Jul 102016

I don’t know about anyone else, but I truly believe that God sees no color.  All of His children are precious to Him and it doesn’t matter what color they are.  I have had and still have friends of different colors and I enjoy all of them.  I guess we each need to look at others as what they are and your are and that is a child of God. It was a sad day when the Government took God out of our country.  Once that happened, things started to go down in our wonderful country.  Remember one thing, and that is that when you judge another person no matter what the color, you are being judged by God.  As I said before, I have enjoyed all people over the years.  Now when someone, no matter their color, does something that I don’t like, or is illegal, I still need to try and help them. People all over this country are struggling, but I would like to challenge you to get a bible and read Matthew Chapter 6  Vs 25-34.  This tells us that if we follow God, He not only will see to our needs, but he will work them out for you.  My book talks about my life and how when I turned my life over to Jesus Christ my life became wonderful.   May God bless you and yours.  Remember that God sees no color, so that is the way God would like to see us act.