Apr 172016

We are living in a world of more negative things are being practiced instead of positive things.  It doesn’t take much to see the harm it is doing, not only in the United States, but all over the world.  The main one now is politicians who are running for president of our country.  They are doing and saying things to hurt the country and each other.  Do we really need that in the next leader of our country?  I think not.  All of this negativity has grown since God was removed from our country.  I would like to suggest that each individual decides to keep prayer as an important part of their lives and their families lives.  I have seen how well it works in my life.  I was living a negative life until I got out of the army in 1962 and met my wife.  Mary led me to Jesus and that was the best introduction that I could have ever received.   It was the beginning of a wonderful marriage of 43 years before she passed. We raised our children to love and respect Jesus Christ in their lives.  They are passing that down to their own children and I think that is a very positive situation.

I am now 75 years old and living a wonderful life.  I would encourage each of you to look up Matthew chapter 6 verses 25-34.  This tells how Jesus will meet our needs if we follow Him.  It works.  It has worked for me and my family for several years and is continuing to work.  That encouraged me to write a book on my life to help people to make changes in their lives.  It is of course their decision.  I would encourage you, if you are having problems in your home and family that you purchase the book from my website and give it a try.  You may very well be happy with the results you will experience if you want to.  May God bless you and your family.

  2 Responses to “Negativity vs Positivity”

  1. god will not help us only we can change it by standing up if that dus not happen we are doomed religion divides us. and that is true that will be are downfall we all should stand up and come together

  2. o if forgot to put this to Christian father ‘shot his son dead for being gay’ and ‘stabbed to death his wife’ at their LA home

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3520151/LA-man-accused-shoot-son-gay-wife-killed.html#ixzz46COO38Km

    you tell me in the world of god this is ok and i put up the link so you can look it up