Mar 262016

Easter Sunday is here tomorrow.  It is the day that our Lord Jesus Christ came back to life for all of us.  He gave His life for all of  us so we could have an opportunity to live according to God’s plan for us. It is difficult at times but I believe that living a life for Jesus is the best way to be truly happy.  Matthew Chap 6 vs 25-34 tells us how Jesus will take care of us who choose to  following Him.   It doesn’t take much to see that our world is falling away from God instead of growing closer to Him.  My personal life went from very bad as a child to a wonderful life with my family. I believe that everybody would be much better off accepting Jesus and living according to His will.  It is of course up to each person to decide what they want to do with their life and who they want to live it for.  I would certainly encourage you to live for Jesus Christ. Because my life was wonderful after accepting Jesus and being baptized into Him, I certainly would encourage you to read the scripture that is referenced up above.  I wrote a book call It’s Your Decision  Parenting the Way God Intended, which is an auto biography of my life.  It goes through my life from early childhood to current, and I am 75 years old.  I will keep all of you in my prayers.  May God Bless each of you.