Feb 142016

Valentines Day is a very special day.  It is a day to offer people an extra opportunity to show their love for a spouse, a child or anybody else important in their life.  It doesn’t take much to see that our children need that love in their lives more today than ever before.  The most important place that love can come from is their parents.  God created all people with love in their hearts and brains.  If used properly, people can live a wonderful life and if they have children, they will pass that on to them.  Unfortunately, parents today are passing less than love to their children.  This is noted in the way our children are acting today.  If you have     a situation like this in your home, I would encourage you to order our book that talks about Parenting the Way God Intended.  It describes my life that started out bad as a child and kept getting worse as time went on.  When my wife introduced me to Jesus Christ, my life did a complete turnaround.  This is all in my book and I believe that if you are having troubles in your life, it can help you.  The only way to live a good life is with Jesus Christ in your life.  It is a economical way to find out.  It worked for me and my children in their lives also.

It is my prayer that you make the right decision for you and your family.   Celebrating a positive time, is better than trying to celebrate a bad situation. Please give my book a try and see if it will make your life a lot better.  I pray that God will bless you and your family and help you to enjoy life to the fullest.