Feb 052014

schedule time for family meetingsWhen was the last time that you took time to sit down with your children and talk to them about life?

I believe, from personal experience, that scheduling family talks on a regular basis is very healthy for the family. This sharing time really worked for my family and me. We had a much better understanding of each other and the things that each of us was involved in.

Every week, we would meet at a specified time to share what was on our minds. We found that our children appreciated it because they truly felt they were important to us, their parents, and they knew that we were truly involved in their lives.

I would like to share some things that are in the book with you.

First and, I believe, most important is that you show and tell your children that you love them often. Children need that reassurance as much as possible.

Another thing I would like to share with you is that children will do what their parents do, and not necessarily what they say. In other words, parents actions are more important than the words they use.

I share this information because I experienced problems in my home as a child, and I don’t want other children to have to suffer through it in their home. Any time you read a newspaper, or turn on the TV news, you can see that our younger generations are having major problems. They have  problems both in and  outside of the home. They are exposed to drugs, alcohol, and many other things that shouldn’t be part of a child’s life.

The bullying problem is getting worse, which often leads to one of the other problems for our children – suicide. The suicide rate is a rapidly growing problem amongst our young people, in fact, for youth between the ages of 10 and 24, suicide is the third leading cause of death, and each year, approximately 157,000 youth between the ages of 10 and 24 receive medical care for self-inflicted injuries at Emergency Departments across the U.S. The reason for these staggering statistics stems from not having a safe and secure home life. Many parents are really fulfilling their parental commitment, or not doing the job well enough. They don’t show the love and attention that their children need and deserve.

listen to your childrenI have observed children from birth to adulthood. I believe that when a baby comes thru the birth canal, they have the love that God has placed in their hearts and brains. That love needs to be nurtured by mom and dad.

I also believe that computers and technology are causing a lot of problems in the home for the family, and the use of technology needs to be addressed as a family. Rules and guidelines must be put in place, and parents need to know what their children are doing online at all times.

If any of this makes sense to you and you believe you need help in your home, I would encourage you to buy this book and see if it can help you. It is, of course, a decision that you need to make for your family.

May God bless you and your family.