Jan 162014

Children are born with God's love in their hearts and brains - Ed GrizzleToday, our children are subjected to so much negativity that it can, and often does, control their lives. I believe that is one of the reasons our children have serious problems today.

That makes it so much more important for parents to live positively, and teach their children positive things that will help to mold their lives.

We must all remember that our children are our future and if they are not brought up the way they should be, we will all suffer, and generations to come will continue to suffer.

Children are born with God’s love in their hearts and brains. It is the parents’ responsibility to work with their children and to teach them to love not only you as their parents but to love others also.

I experienced the negative when I was growing up and it truly hurt me. It wasn’t until I met my wife to be, who introduced me to Jesus Christ, that things started getting better in my life. Children will do what their parents do, not necessarily what they say, and unfortunately I learned that the hard way in my home as a child. My parents told me what to do, but didn’t practice what they said. I ended up doing just the opposite of what I was told and got myself in trouble.

Parents are responsible for raising their children to become responsible adults. I can promise you that your family will be happier if everyone in the family does their best to help each other.

I would like to invite you to purchase my book and, by putting my suggestions to the test, see if it can help you in your own family. Remember, each adult has to make his or her decision as to how they want to live their life and raise their children. It is my hope and prayer that each of you will do the best you can to raise your children the way God would like you to.

My prayers are with you.

photo credit: Michael Mistretta via photopin cc