Dec 202013

Merry Christmas, 2013, from Ed GrizzleWe are coming up to the birthday of Jesus Christ and the celebrations are becoming more apparent. There are people shopping for gifts, having parties to help celebrate the season and many other events.

I personally believe that this is one of the best and most important holidays of the year.

The other holiday that I believe is very important is, Easter. Easter was when Jesus rose from the dead.

Both of these holidays are very important to people all over the world. Why would I say these two holidays are the most important to me? If it wasn’t for these two holidays people all over the world would be lost.

Jesus Christ was born and lived on the earth for approximately 33 years before God sent Him to the cross to die for our sins. This is why we celebrate Christmas. He arose from the grave to become our Lord and Savior. This is why we celebrate Easter. If it wasn’t for Jesus Christ, I would not be where I am at today.

I have spoken about Alexus in my blog occasionally because if it wasn’t for Jesus Christ, she would be dead today. Instead, because she accepted Jesus, she is living a great life now.

I would like to see more people celebrate the Christmas holiday as the birthday of Jesus Christ. He can bring more to a family than all the gifts that are given each year. Imagine the gift of love that parents can give to their children, not only on Christmas, but everyday. I believe that children would truly love and enjoy that more than all the gifts they get.

I personally never got much love, or many gifts in my home. My parents treated me pretty bad. The same thing happened to Alexus. We both had less than good childhoods. That is what led her to almost dying at 16 years old. When both of us accepted Christ into our lives, our lives changed drastically. We became father/daughter and started helping each other. Her life changed dramatically as did mine.

In my book, I wrote about my problems and how I defeated them. It all started when my wife introduced me to Jesus Christ.

I would like to see people celebrate this Christmas with more emphasis on Jesus Christ and what He can do for you if you let Him. Bottom line is this, everybody must make their own decisions as how they will live their lives. Parents must make decisions for their children until they reach adulthood.

May God bless your holiday and everyday of your life. It is my prayer that this can be the best Christmas for you and your family. Remember It’s Your Decision.

photo credit: Patrick Q via photopin cc