Dec 052013

It is an awesome responsibility to have childrenI have had the privilege of working with children who did not get the love they deserved from their parents. I could identify with them because I was in the same situation they were. My parents didn’t give me the love that I needed.

I want to share with you one of those who didn’t get the love they needed and deserved from their parents.

Alexus and I met the first time when she was 10. I worked with her mother who had problems with the law and didn’t take care of her daughter like she should have. Alexus and I met occasionally until she was about 16. That is when things really went wrong for her. She was bullied at school and had no support at home. She came very close to committing suicide.

Alexus quit school in her sophomore year.

It wasn’t much later when I started receiving phone calls from her at 2 or 3 in the morning. She was crying and wanting me to help her to decide what to do. This was a very bad time for her and I.

It wasn’t long before Alexus and I developed a father/daughter relationship. I helped her get into a school her in our hometown. She went and received her high school diploma. We spent a lot of time together. She learned that I truly loved her as my daughter and she began to love me as her dad.

Alexus moved to Texas so she could get away from her family. She is now working and attending college. I am very proud of her because she is doing ‘A’ work in school and is doing quite well as a 20 year old young woman. Unfortunately, there are many children living in homes under the same conditions that Alexus was. They all need help, especially from their parents.

I tell you this to hopefully and prayerfully help you to make changes in your family if you need to. I truly believe that it will be well worth your time. It was in my own home and also in Alexus’s home.

May God bless you in all your efforts. Remember one thing. It’s Your Decision.

photo credit: Greens MPs via photopin cc