Dec 312013

Happy New Year 2014It is that time again when we start a new year.

It is my prayer that the new year will bring you joy and happiness in you and your families lives.

I love each and every new year because it brings new challenges and gives me more opportunities to share Jesus Christ with people. I especially love sharing Jesus Christ with people who may not know Him. I find that more people are interested in hearing about Him than you might think.

I know without a doubt, that Jesus Christ is the reason I am wanting to share Him with as many people as I can. If it were not for Him, I would be either in prison or dead because of the life I was leading before I met Him. It is wonderful what Jesus can do for a person, if we let Him.

There is scripture that tells us that Jesus Christ will provide us all of our needs if we believe in Him and more importantly, ‘follow Him’. I hope you saw that I said our needs and not our wants.

As I said in my book, my wife Mary introduced me to Jesus and it was only then that I started thinking about the difference between needs and wants. I realized that my wants were not as important as my needs. I found that all I really needed in my life was my family and a place to live and of course Jesus Christ.

Today, it seems like people want to have money and all that goes with it. I used to think like that before I met Jesus but now I know having my needs met was definitely more important.

I encourage you to take out your bible, and read the scripture Matthew Chapter 6 verses 25-34.

The reason I wrote the book was to share my life experiences with you, and show how you can turn a bad life into a great life. If you are having problems in your family, I would like to encourage you to purchase this book and see if it can make a difference in your life and the lives of your family. After all, you have to make the decision as to how you live your life, but I encourage you to make a decision so this new year can be a blessing to you and your family.

I truly believe, from personal experience, that living a life for Jesus Christ is the best life there is to live. It is my prayer that 2014 can be the best year ever for you and your family.

Remember, It is Your Decision. May God bless you and your family.