Nov 282013

do you choose negativity?In today’s society, many people are exposed to what is called a toxic environment. That is where problems reside, which usually have a negative effect.

It can be at your workplace, school, society in general or – even worse – in your own home.

Negativity can and will destroy people. Our children today are exposed to negativity in the home, and that negative attitude then plays out in society.

Children especially need the love, acceptance, and discipline that can only be truly found in the home. It doesn’t take too much to see that our world is filled with negativity, and that needs to be changed. The best place to start making positive changes is in the home. Parents need to focus on positivity, which makes it easier for them to raise their children to be productive adults.

Children are born into this world with what I believe is a gift that God has given them. That gift of love is instilled in their hearts and brains. They need their parents to nurture that love in them, as well as themselves.

My book¬†gives some great practical advice on how to do that. I didn’t have that positive nurturing in my life, and did not experience it until I was introduced to Jesus Christ by my wife. From that day on my life as well as my family’s, was truly wonderful. Now, don’t think we didn’t have problems, because we did, but with Jesus Christ in our lives and our home, we were able to work things out.

Both my daughter and son now have their own families and are following the same example that we set for them, and that was to live with Jesus Christ in their lives.

I would like to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. May God bless you.

photo credit: deeplifequotes via photopin cc