Oct 022013

Matthew 6-34 Do Not WorryI want to share with you, that I know a young lady, Alexus, who not only lived in this troubled country, but in a troubled home. Her life almost ended in suicide because of all the problems she was having.

We met one day when she was 15 years old and developed a father-daughter relationship. She will soon be 20 years old and has, with the help of Jesus Christ, totally changed her life. She is going to college now after going to a private school to finish her high school degree. She had quit high school in her sophomore year because of all the problems she was having.

Why am I sharing this information with you?

I am sharing it with you to let you know that no matter how bad things get in this country, or your home, each person can have a wonderful life with Jesus Christ in their lives.

I also lived a horrible childhood, but with God’s help, He put my wife Mary and I together and we had a wonderful life together for 43 years and He gave us a son and a daughter who are both doing quite well with their own families. We had troubled times of course, but God saw us thru them.

Matthew Chapter 6 vs 25-34 tells us that if we believe in Jesus Christ and most of all, follow Him, He will take care of us, no matter how bad things are around us. It worked for Alexus and also for me. I know it will work for you, if you let it.

By the way, I am very blessed that Alexus and I still share a wonderful father-daughter relationship, thanks to God.

May God bless your life. Remember one thing, and that is, ‘It’s Your Decision’.

photo credit: Kara Allyson via photopin cc