Oct 162013

children have the gift of god.jpgHave you ever thought of how blessed you are to have children?

Conceiving a child is not only your plan, but also God’s. From the time the child comes down thru the birth canal, he or she already has love built into their heart and brain by God.

Have you ever noticed with your children, the things they do when they are first born. The first few weeks of a child’s life is set up, by God, to show their love to you as your child. Children have the gift of God, to love and to be loved.

Children want to be loved by their parents. After all that is part of God’s plan for His people. What turns a child to do things that they shouldn’t do is parents not loving the child. I can say that because that is what happened to me when I was a child. I desperately wanted my parents love when I was young, but never got it. I went off the deep end and started smoking, drinking and committing crimes.

When my wife, Mary, introduced me to Jesus Christ, my life took a major turn for the good.

My book, ‘It’s Your Decision Parenting the Way God Intended‘ was written to share with the reader how they can, with God’s help, raise their children to be good productive citizens in this world. It worked for me and it worked for our children who are raising their children in the Lord and doing quite well.

I would encourage you to pray about your lives and your children’s lives if you have them or are going to have them. Believe me, it is easier to raise children than you can imagine, if you do it God’s way.

May God bless you and remember one thing. It’s Your Decision. I will pray for you that your family will benefit from this book.

photo credit: Hussain Isa via photopin cc