Sep 172013

The future of our country and our world rests on the shoulders of our children.

discipline is structure in a child's lifeThe question comes up, do we want a good future or not? It isn’t to difficult to see how the world is in disarray. We need to be able to depend on our future generations to prayerfully get things going in the right direction before it is to late.

The purpose of my book is to teach parents how to raise their children according to God’s plan.

I wasn’t raised that way and lived a horrible life as a child. When I met my wife Mary, she introduced me to Jesus Christ and that was the beginning of a beautiful life. My wife and I had a son and a daughter and our life was very blessed.

As I say in the book, my wife was ill the last 18 years of our marriage of 43 years. Having Jesus Christ in our lives made it a whole lot easier to handle. I know, as well as most of you, that there are a lot of people who are hurting in this world. There can be various reasons from financial to health issues and everything in between.

Matthew chapter 6, verses 25-34 tells us that if we accept and more importantly follow Jesus, He will provide for our needs. That was certainly true in my family. If I had not met Mary, I would be dead or in prison today.

I pray that you will take the next step and buy my book and see if it can be of help to you. I do want to say, that the book is just a guideline, and the bible is the true source of power to allow Jesus Christ to work in our lives.

May God be with you and your family.

Remember one thing, and that is It’s your Decision.