Jul 052013

So many people are struggling today and there is a way to change that.  I was struggling as a child and even as an adult until I met Mary,  my wife to be.  She introduced me to Jesus Christ.  Once I met Jesus, I had a much better life and wanted to share that with others.  Matthew chapter 6 verses 25-34 tells us not to worry as a believer in Jesus. We had a marriage of 43 years before she passed.  We had some tough years, but the greatest majority of it was wonderful.  We had a son and a daughter.  They are now married and living wonderful live with their children.  I am not saying that a life with Jesus is perfect, but it is the best.  That gave me the courage to write my book  ‘It’s Your Decision  Parenting the Way God Intended’.  I share my life as a child and suggest several things that might help you in raising your children or even in planning your life together.  I encourage you to check my website ‘ itsyourdecision.org’ and see if my book could help you.  Remember, it’s your decision.  May God bless you.