Jul 022013

Loving and raising a child is and can be difficult at times.  It can also be the most fun and rewarding.  Mary and I raised two children, a boy and a girl and although we had some tough times the greatest times we had were seeing the children respond to our love for them by sharing their love for us.  Children will test parents and do everything they can to cause problems.  What they are really looking for is a parent who will love, accept and discipline them.  Occasionaly, when we disciplined our children and sent them to their room, they would be grumbling and being sometimes nasty as they were going to their room, but in their hearts they were saying, thank you dad and mom because I know you love me.  They both took that teaching into their own home and are doing a great job with their own children.  If you are having difficulties at home with your children, I would encourage you to get my book,  ‘It’s Your Decision  Parenting the Way God Intended’ and see if it could help you.  A personal relationship with Jesus Christ can and will get you through everything, if you let Him.  Remember,  its your decision.  May God bless you.