Jul 152013

I am now in my seventies and have experienced all kinds of problems including almost going to prison for commiting crimes as a young person.  My wife Mary introduced me to Jesus Christ and my life took a 100% turnaround.  As a child, my parents did nothing to help me so I began my bad habits when I started to smoke at 10 and drinking at 11.  I was blessed that when I was 18 a judge gave me a choice between going to prison or the military.  I chose the military and it made all the difference in my life.  Those were 3 of the best years of my life up to that point.   I guess what I am trying to say, that it was Jesus Christ that saved me from a life of hell on earth.  I was very blessed to have Mary for my wife.  We raised a son and a daughter who now are raising their own children and living blessed lifes.  I would like to encourage you to read my book It’s Your Decision  Parenting The Way God Intended.  May God bless you.