Jul 122013

Are there times that you don’t know what to do about your children’s behavior?  Do you truly love your children and want to give them the help they really need?  Do you want to see your children and your whole family happier?  I truly believe the answer to these questions are, yes, but I don’t know how to deal with them.  I did deal with these problems not only as a child, but as an adult who had two children of my own.  I found the answer to these problems is a true relationship with Jesus Christ.  Accepting Jesus into my heart and life was the best decision that I ever made in my life.  I would like to share that in my book ‘It’s Your Decision  Parenting the Way God Intended’.  I share about my life as a child and now in my seventies, share how my wife Mary and I survived the problems that we faced in our life.  I pray that you will get the book and see if it can make your life better and if you don’t know Jesus Christ, you can be introduced to Him.  May God bless all of your efforts with your family.  Check out my website Itsyourdecisionbooks.org for more information on the book.  Remember, It’s Your Decision.