Jul 012013

I would like to introduce you to my book, It’s Your Decision  Parenting the Way God Intended.  I lived a miserable life as a child and the book makes its beginning talking about that and introducing you to a life that I had later.  That is a life with Jesus Christ.  As you probably already know, children today have a rough time and I believe it is because of what goes on at home.  My book goes into ways to raise children according to God’s way.  It worked for my wife and I and I know if you put Jesus Christ first in your life, it will work for you.  After Mary introduced me to Jesus my life took a very positive direction.  My life changed and now in my early seventies, I am living a blessed life.  My son and daughter are married and raising their children the way we raised them.  I am very proud of them and I owe it all to Jesus Christ.  Read my book and make your own choice.  Remember, it’syour decision.  May God bless you.