Jun 272013

I believe there is no better joy in life than serving Jesus Christ and raising children.  Raising children is a tough job in our society today.  With the economy as difficult as it is today, it can and does cause problems in the home.  I know in my own home, I had problems as a child because my parents were to busy trying to make a living.  This definitely causes parents to not think about their children like they should.  I found that living a life for Jesus Christ can and does cure a lot of the problems we have as parents.  Matthew Chapter 7 verses 25-34 tells us that Jesus Christ will provide our needs if we follow Him.  I believe that with all of my heart because when I was introduced to Jesus, my life took a totally different direction for the best.  You to can have the same life with Jesus if you follow Him and it will make raising your children a true joy.  Remember, it’s your decision.  See my website itsyourdecision.org to order my book for more help if you so choose.